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Prevention Committee

The Prevention Committee consists of leadership and members from each of the

Local Prevention Councils (LPCs) in Region 5. 

The committee members assist Western CT Coalition to assess prevention needs and assets in the service area and to develop, implement and evaluate prevention programs in their respective communities that align with the Regional Priority Planning Report.

The LPC Leadership Meeting dates for fiscal year 2024 (currently on Zoom 5:00-6:30 p.m.):

September 19, 2023

November 21, 2023

January 16, 2024

March 19, 2024

May 21, 2024

12 Month Prevention Calendar

Let's #MentionPrevention is a grassroots substance use prevention, education and awareness campaign with the mission of strengthening Connecticut communities through the power of communication.

A CT Education and Awareness campaign about counterfeit pills

CADCA's "What's Trending"

where you can download fact sheets on:

Counterfeit pills

Delta 8


and more!

Prevention Focus:  Vaping

New Fact Sheets!

From Truth Initiative:

Nicotine and the Young Brain

A comprehensive fact sheet with valuable information about the high levels of nicotine found in many vaping products and the consequences of use to the teen brain.  Resources for quitting too!

Nicotine Use and Stress

Vaping nicotine can increase anxiety symptoms and stress levels. However, many tobacco users falsely believe tobacco products can relieve stress or anxiety.

From the FDA:

Vaping and E-Cigarettes:  A Toolkit for Working with Youth

Includes 4 fact sheets about e-cigarettes, how they work, how the FDA regulates them, and understanding nicotine

More Resources:

Non-Nicotine Vapes

From Stanford University:  Infographics aimed to educate on the dangers of non-nicotine vapes.  

For Youth:
For Adults/Parents:

The Educator- Vaping Risks for Youth

published by the Drug-Free Schools Committee


For The Educator in Spanish, click here

For The Educator in Portuguese, click here

From Rescue Agency

Down and Dirty is a Ready-Made Media Campaign for health organizations in need of an evidence-based rural youth tobacco prevention campaign that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. 

New! Resources from the CT Vaping Resource Center:

downloadable presentations for youth, tweens, teens and parents

Vaping and Marijuana Toolkit
Resources from the Connecticut Clearinghouse
(All materials can be downloaded)


Available in Spanish
Available in Spanish
Available in Spanish

These brochures and more are available for order. 

Contact the Connecticut Clearinghouse 800-232-4424 or visit

In the News:

Prevention Focus:  Cannabis


New CT campaign:

Educator Edibles p 1.png

New Educator:  Edibles and High Potency THC


For a Spanish version of The Educator, click here.

For Portuguese, click here.

CADCA, along with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is excited to announce the release of Practical Theorist Cannabis, The Current State of Affairs


Evidence-Based Guide Series:

Preventing Marijuana Use 

Among Youth

From Stanford Medicine

Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cannabis/marijuana.

Prevention Focus:  Alcohol

SAMHSA’s substance use prevention campaign helps parents and caregivers start talking to their children early about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.

Prevention Focus:  Fentanyl

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