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Recovery Friendly Community

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This page is for municipalities interested in supporting residents who are in recovery from a substance use condition by working to:


RAISE awareness of the nature of such conditions


PROMOTE health and recovery by reducing stigma and discrimination


BUILD the environmental factors necessary for recoverees to flourish

Establish a Recovery Friendly Community


Municipal Leadership

The mayor, Town Council and/or Board of Directors is in agreement with developing a  Recovery Friendly Community. 

There is a Recovery Champion appointed- this is a person who is empowered to lead the town/city-wide efforts necessary for becoming Recovery Friendly by convening Department heads, other leaders and persons in recovery on a monthly basis- the RFC Planning Group.


The city/town has a Local Prevention Council which is integral to the mission of the Recovery Champion.


The municipal website reflects that it is a Recovery Friendly Community.


Community Attitudes

Businesses are open to hiring people in recovery and advertise same.

The Community supports formerly incarcerated individuals.


Municipal Department Buy-In

The Schools, Parks and Recreation Department, Police and Fire Departments, Social Services and Health Departments, and Human Resources
Department all follow the recovery friendly guidelines outlined in the Recovery Friendly Rubric at a minimum.

The city/town welcomes safe and stable recovery housing.

There are community centers for youth and adults.


Community Resources

Residents know how and where to obtain Narcan, access treatment, Telephone Recovery Support, peer support and mutual aid groups, are aware of other pathways of recovery, family education and support groups are available, and other recovery resources.

Local transportation is available to individuals seeking treatment or a support group and food, clothing and other basic supports are readily available.

Hospital emergency departments have recovery coaches available.

Physicians that prescribe medication for substance use disorders are easily identified and available.

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