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Drug-free Schools

The Drug Free Schools Committee is open to public, private and parochial school staff in the 43 towns of western CT
The Drug Free Schools (DFS) Committee assists Western CT Coalition in assessing school-based needs such as:  
•    mental health promotion
•    substance misuse prevention
•    early intervention
•    treatment and aftercare services
They promote collaboration among school-based initiatives and services throughout Region 5. 
During the school year, the DFS Committee provides behavioral health education and awareness with publications and programs for students, families, and for school staff.
Membership Includes:
Counselors, Social Workers, School-Based Health Centers, Behavioral Health Staff, Student Services Staff
We are currently meeting virtually the third Wednesday of the month 8:00-9:15 a.m.
Interested in Learning More?
Contact Chairperson: Shiela Levine


Youth Cannabis Prevention:  Alternatives to Suspension and Restorative Practices

with speakers F.J. Perfas and Dan Fitzgerald of New England PTTC

LGBTQ+ Awareness and Sensitivity

09/21/22 with speakers

Vernon House, NYPD and River Ramos, Apex Community Care

Keeping Youth Safe: Recognizing Substance Use

10/19/22 with speaker David Petersen, Drug Recognition Expert, New Milford PD

LBGTQ+ Resource Links:

Behavioral Health Resources for Schools

Mental Health America 2022 Back to School Toolkit- available in English and Spanish

Issue Brief from Child Health ad Development Institute:

Brief Interventions Can Improve Children's Behavioral Health Services

See our Prevention Comittee Page for resources on substance use including vaping, cannabis, and alcohol

The Educator
published and distributed by the Drug Free Schools Committee

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